Sandhya Arun
(Client Services Manager,
Mumbai, India)

is an experienced market researcher, and client services specialist having served the IT, nutraceuticals, and consumer sector industries for several years. Please contact Sandhya by email ( with your enquiries about any of our services described on the website.
Chief Consulting Officer (CCO) at 7P Associates

Raghunath Narayan

Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals

Marketing, Product & Value Chain Management

Raghunath Narayan (Toronto, Canada) is a strategic marketing consultant with over 30 years of experience in product and marketing management and market research in the pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals and other related industries. His exposure to business is multi-faceted having been lead manager for new divisions, new product and technology launches, and coordination with various departments within organizations, and across various levels of market value chains. His particular consulting experiences have been in lifesciences, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, herbals, ingredients and materials.

For clients, Raghunath’s expertise can be translated into the one or more of the following areas of growth:

  • Market entry business models including geographical/ international/ regional expansion
  • Supply chain and value chain analyses and strategies, including contract manufacturing, partnerships and acquisitions
  • Technology and product diversification and opportunity analyses
  • Other areas including sales/ product training and workshops