7P Associates’ IP, Patents & Technical Writing Services

There have been tremendous changes in how businesses work and grow today, with innovation becoming increasingly critical for success of the enterprise. Innovation and intellectual property can be leveraged by enterprises to act both as armor and armament, to protect and encourage innovation in the market place and create product differentiation and unique positioning.

Focused Intellectual Property (IP) and Patent strategies systematically shield great technologies and products from cheap imitations and me-too products, block unfair competition, and exhibit a healthy competitive edge in the marketplace. With globalization and increasing trade, businesses need to be proactively involved in the creation, licensing and protection of intellectual property rights. On the other hand, learning from successful businesses is a legitimate right of enterprises aspiring to grow ethically without infringement.

7P Associates welcomes partners from businesses (pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, nutricosmetics, herbals, botanicals, cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, life sciences, diagnostics, medical devices and many others) to achieve their business goals – uninterrupted by the evils of infringement of intellectual property and patents.

IP Search & Analytics – Patent Landscaping: A good patent search and analysis program is transformative as it allows a business to recognize potential opportunities, take informed and game-changing decisions at the right time, and enhance chances of a quicker patent grant. The IP experts at 7P Associates can conduct comprehensive worldwide patent searches and provide Patent Landscapes, Non-infringement Assessments, Patentability Evaluations, Freedom-to-Operate Reports, Technology Mapping Reports, Invalidity Searches, and Design-around Strategies.

Technical Writing, Patent Drafting & Filing

A well-written Patent Specification is crucial to an effective and enforceable patent and its licensing opportunities. 7P Associates IP team can work closely with the client team to provide technical writing/ drafting and filing services – both for provisional and complete specifications for India, other jurisdictions, and support to comply with technical and procedural requirements needed by non-patent needs as well.

The greatest of products, technologies or ideas need evangelizing and constant promotion on the internet in today’s digitally connected business world to gain new customers, engage them in continuous dialogue and retain them. It is said that customers have short memory spans, and this memory is becoming shorter due to the bombardment of messages from all directions from competing products, exciting world news and randomly entertaining sources through YouTube, Blogs and Vlogs.

Importantly, the above IP, Patents & Technical Writing Services can be extended to Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). PCT is an international patent law treaty (established in 1970). This Treaty provides a unified procedure for filing patent applications to protect inventions in each of its contracting states (countries). It implies that through a single international application the applicant can simultaneously file in different countries. It helps the applicant to then file patents in specific countries of interest in due course. Patent applications filed under the PCT are called international applications, or PCT applications.

Patent Prosecution

Interactions and professional communications between the Patent Offices and the patent applicant in the form of Examination Reports and Interviews/Hearings are key to successful prosecution of a Patent Application towards grant of a Patent. 7P Associates team can prepare and file timely responses to Patent Office Examination Reports and participate in interviews/hearings in India, and can provide support in replying to Patent Office Actions in other jurisdictions.