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Dr Rajendra Sanghavi is a qualified Consulting Medical Doctor, and a specialist in NeuroMarketing [implies scientifically promotion of health products versus MedicoMarketing (a terminology first used by Dr Sanghavi himself in late 1980s) which pertains only to mere product positioning], Regulatory, OTC & Techno-Legal in Healthcare. With four decades of experience in Healthcare, having consulted over 80 Pharma Companies Dr R K Sanghavi has, in fact, pioneered the Nutraceutical domain of Healthcare in India. Having chaired for over a decade the Medical as well as Nutraceutical Committees of Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association (IDMA) – the largest Healthcare body of the country, Dr R K Sanghavi has been the driving force for successfully resolving many medical-related concerns of Drug and Health Supplement / Nutraceutical lobbies.

Being a practicing Consulting Physician and even having served in charitable hospitals for near two decades, Dr Sanghavi has always been concerned about patients having diseases, albeit not treatable by conventional drugs. In his search for remedial measures for these, Dr R K Sanghavi has discovered many answers within the domain of Nutraceuticals. His medical background has enabled him to conceptualize rational, safe and effective products that envisages to deliver best for the Indian consumer.

Dr R K Sanghavi is a Consulting Clinician, with prior long-stint in hospital practice, firmly believes in making available products that deliver to the consumer. Having seen lakhs of patients over years of practice, Dr R K Sanghavi understands best what the consumer desires in terms of satisfactory well-being in life. Being at the helm of affairs Dr R K Sanghavi places consumer care above commerce.